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Embracing the seasonal colours and styles of farm wedding celebrations

by Olivia • October 27, 2023 • Wedding Planning Guides

Whether you’re getting married in spring, summer, autumn or winter, every season lends itself to a distinctly stunning colour palette.

Every season looks amazing at Heaton House Farm, with our picturesque landscapes, sweeping views and rustic farm styles. And our luxurious wedding barns mean that whatever the season, whatever the weather, you’ll always have a place to celebrate in true style, no matter what your wedding theme.  

Our farm wedding venue is a blank canvas for you to dress and style any way you fancy. And if seasonality is your thing, let’s look at those spring blossoms, summer vibrance, autumn tones and warming winter hues to help inspire your wedding planning.

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Getting married in Spring? Soft styles and fresh blooms

Spring is one of our favourite times on the farm, with nature bursting back into life, lambs frolicking in the fields and blossoms blooming everywhere.

And spring wedding colours are simply beautiful. This season gives you the perfect opportunity to embrace nature and bask in the fresh feel, soft atmosphere and the first flowers of the year.

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Farm wedding in Summer? Go bold and bright with your colour palette

While there’s no guarantee the sun will shine on a summer’s day in the UK, summer wedding colours should be all about the bright, the vibrant, the beautiful.

At this time of the year, Heaton House Farm is in all its glory – luscious green fields, gorgeous flower beds, and warm, bright light radiating throughout our barns. This season is all about embracing the sunshine – real or not.

Colour Palette: Dive into bright and bold hues. Imagine dazzling shades of coral, electric turquoise, sunflower yellow, and cerulean blue setting a lively scene. You might even sprinkle in dashes of fiery red for a really bold summer wedding colour palette.

Style & Décor: Bring the outdoors in for a vibrant summer wedding style on the farm. Think rustic wooden signs, mason jar centrepieces, hessian chair and table dressing, and fairy lights strewn across the venue. For an added touch, make the most of the warmer weather and have a lemonade stand on the patio, or an outdoor dance floor surrounded by lanterns.

Flowers: Summer sees roses, sunflowers, lilies, and daisies take centre stage. They can be used to create sunny bouquets or vibrant floral arrangements running down the aisle. Hydrangeas in full bloom look stunning in centrepieces, while sweet peas bring gorgeous scents. Asters and chrysanthemums are usually available in a whole range of shades to suit your summer colour scheme.

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Tying the knot in Autumn? Embrace a warm, rustic feel in your wedding colours

Autumn is the time for change, which is great news for a rustic farm wedding. The changing colours, the falling acorns, conkers and other seeds, all make for a stunningly beautiful autumn wedding style.

Add to that the crispness in the air, the late setting sun and the aroma of spices and cider, and you’re sure to have an incredible celebration this season, whatever your wedding theme.

Colour Palette: Embrace the rich and deep tones of autumn for your wedding colour palette, with burnt yellows, oranges and reds. Think amber, burgundy, mahogany and olive, perhaps with some plum colouring thrown in. Add a sprinkle of forest green and rustic brown here and there too.

Style & Décor: Rustic elegance is the perfect theme for an autumn farm wedding. Consider wooden barrels filled with pumpkins and squashes, hessian table runners, and warm candlelit centrepieces. Make use of the harvest and any local produce – apples and pears, fallen seeds and berries, bundles of hay and corn stalks… They will all look great, however, you dress your venue.

Flowers: Dahlias, chrysanthemums, and marigolds are all favourite flowers for an autumn wedding. Try incorporating them with dried leaves and wheat stalks for a perfect rustic touch, or maybe even add ripe fruits – like figs or berries – into the mix. Roses are always classic, and an early autumn wedding could see you bringing sunflowers into your bouquet too.

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Winter wedding ceremony? Create a dreamy wonderland with cool tones

The final season offers magic and wonder that’s truly unique, and winter weddings are often the most enchanting. With frost on the ground and a chill in the air, you’ve got two options – embrace the cold or dial up the warmth.

Whether you’re lucky enough to have snow or not, a serenely white winter farm wedding could be the theme you want. Or maybe you want to focus on burning logs fires, glowing lanterns and warm colours throughout your celebrations? The choice is yours.

Colour Palette: Opt for classic winter shades such as icy blue, silver, deep navy, and snowy white for a traditional winter wedding colour palette. But if you want something a little different, think deep emerald, rich plum and metallic gold. They really bring in the wow factor.

Style & Décor: If ever there was a time for plush velvet, it’s a winter wedding. Perhaps you might think about crystal chandeliers or warm, glowing orbs dangling from the barn ceiling. A cosy fireplace is a must, along with a dedicated corner packed with blankets, ready for your guests to snuggle up in. Pine cones are a staple piece of winter décor too.

Flowers: Natural flowers might be sparse this season, but winter gives you the chance to bring holly, mistletoe, and snowdrops into your bouquet or centrepieces. Paired with frosted branches, evergreens and berries, they deliver a real winter fairy tale look. Plus, white roses are always a great addition.

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Your wedding, your wedding colour palette

Whatever season you’re tying the knot in, remember one thing. It’s YOUR day.

You get to decide whatever wedding colour palette you want. You can choose seasonal colours and styles, or you can break the mould and do something completely different.

Want a winter wedding with the vibrancy of summer colours? Or maybe an autumn celebration with the pastels of spring? Go for it.

Rustic wedding flowers look amazing on our farm all year long, whatever colour you choose. We’ve had beach-themed weddings in the middle of winter. And we’ve seen every colour during every season for all types of celebrations here at Heaton House Farm.

We give you a stunning backdrop, and you can blend palettes, mix and match décor and bring whatever flowers you’d like.

Choose what works for you and your partner, and let us take care of the best day of your lives together.

Request a brochure today and let’s get started.